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Classic Drummer RIMSHOTS


Classic Drummer Partners with Gary Astridge Again In Support of Ringo's Charity

Classic Drummer publisher, The Bryant Group is excited to be sharing the message of Peace and Love in support of the Ringo Starr organization to benefit his Lotus Foundation charity. For the past decade or so, we’ve worked on a variety of projects with our good friend Gary Astridge, the world’s leading authority on Ringo’s Beatle era drums. A relationship that began with us publishing his articles in our Classic Drummer Magazine has grown into a partnership through which we were able to produce and market a series of fifteen Ringo-endorsed-and-signed Starr Festival uber-collectable $30K snare drums to benefit Ringo’s charity. That success has led to our involvement with this limited production Peace and Love sculpture, visit to find out more.

A New Home for Classic Drummer


Publisher, Steve Bryant with long-time Classic Drummer contributor and Drummer Nation founder Michael Vosbein chilling at our new studio near Atlanta. Background includes many of our collection of 60's Ludwig Hollywood kits and the vintage canister thrones assure meetings won't get long winded. Those who have gigged on one of them understand why.

Sun Studios Outside Final copy.jpg

Classic Drummer Sets Up Old School Recording Session In Legendary SUN Studios

Classic Drummer Magazine booked a studio date at SUN Studio for a Saturday evening in January.  Next, Blues/Folk original Bill Sheffield generously agreed to share his songs and his talent. Finally, a quickly-assembled band of his friends John Wieland from North Carolina, Jim Radway and Steve Bryant from Georgia, and Paul Linden from Mississippi converged in Memphis for a one-night session that everyone present will always remember.


The process was fairly "old school", with just a couple of takes for each tune, all recorded live and in the moment . . . sort of the way the great Sam Phillips might have done it. 

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